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lexus suspended sales of its newest suv over fears of a rollover. a grand jury meets for the first time to consider criminal charges stemming from this police beating in maryland.
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and shocked family members react to a not guilty verdict in the case of a teenager shot over a hamburger. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. we begin with shocking developments regarding the firings of hundreds of d.c. teachers. those firings happened six months ago. teachers were blamed for everything from low-performing students to accusations of sexual assault, but now it turns out a miscalculation in the school's budget was really going on. the mistake was brought up at the drawing up of the teachers' contract last week. >> reporter: there are serious questions about how dire the city's public school's budget crisis really was. someone's math was off, way off. just last week, city officials and union leaders were hugging. tuesday night a different mood. >> we all are quite angry at
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this situation. >> reporter: since the city laid off 266 teachers last fall, the washington teachers union contended the lay-offs were jun justified and unnecessary. late tuesday word spread someone made a major mathematical mistake. officials were basing projections on an average salary of $81,000 a year. recently, someone realized teachers in d.c. make about $15,000 less. tuesday, reis told council that means they have $34 million more than they thought. some council members openly questioned whether it was a legitimate mistake or malicious. >> the information was readily available and withheld from us. >> reporter: councilman harry thomas jr stopped short of saying someone deliberate ly mae the mistake. >> we knew from the beginning
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that this was manufactured. i never for a minute felt this was legitimate. so at this point, my emotions are, what are we going to do about it? >> reporter: the teachers union wants two things. >> the district has responsibility to fulfill both obligati obligations. >> reporter: george parker wants some of the surplus money to go toward retro active raises. that was part of last week's tentative agreement. parker wants a full investigation by city council. >> who was responsible for that information? was it the office of the chancellor or was this the responsibility within the cfos? >> reporter: at this point, it seems a if the chancellor is pointing the finger at the office of the chief financial officer. d.c. ps issued a statement saying, "the first indication from the office of the cfo that there was a surplus in fiscal year 2010 was at the end of february. this was later confirmed in march by the office of the chief financial officer before
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announcing the tentative agreement." live from the wilson building, craig melvin. >> more to come on this. thank you. there are two investigations into a videotaped confrontation between students at the university of maryland and prince george's county police. news4 learned a grand jury met today to look into potential criminal charges. the video shows officers beating a student on the maryland campus after a basketball game last month. that student happens to be the grandson of a retired montgomery county circuit court judge. prince george's police have begun their own investigation. the chief says one of the officers involved has been suspended. two others might be punished, as well. a family looking for closure after a murder apparently over a hamburger instead walked out of the courtroom stunned today. the jury found the defendant not guilty on all counts. apparently unconvinced by the star witness who is just 9 years
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old. jackie benson is at d.c. superior court with the story. >> reporter: doreen, the victim's family left the courthouse sobbing, crying, "how could this happen?" roletives of the victim poured from the d.c. courthouse in tears. there was no justice, they say for 18-year-old tanganika stanton. in september 2008 she was shot with her mother tina who survived because police and prosecutors claimed they refused to cook a hamburger for a man, a stranger. that man was accused of coming back and firing into the door of the family's apartment on grand street northeast. in a statement to news4, tina stanton had this to say about the not guilty verdict for 20-year-old terence jones. >> i feel hurt. this is ludicrous to have him walking around while my daughter is gone. he should have been convicted of first degree murder. i still walk around with bullet fragments in my leg. it's a reminder every day.
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>> when i was in there listening i was just like, i'm not hearing what i'm hearing. not hearing what i'm hearing. >> reporter: elizabeth mullen is jones' defense attorney. >> no comment. we are pleased with the verdict. >> reporter: jurors declined to comment on the verdict. mullen's cross-examination of a 9-year-old alleged eyewitness who told her he did not actually see the shoot is believed to have been a major factor in the jury's decision. the u.s. attorney's office has no comment tonight. doreen, back to you. >> jackie benson reporting, thank you. nuclear security summit wrapped up today with few specifics on just how the control nuclear proliferation. all the participating nationes a greed, nuclear terrorism is a serious threat. president obama said all the leaders at the convention center endorsed his goal of securing global nuclear materials within four years. the summit countries agreed to
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work more closely with the u.n. on that goal. the president acknowledged the goal's difficulty but said it is crucial to keep al qaeda from obtaining dangerous weapons. >> but the urgency of the threat and the catastrophic consequences of even a single act of nuclear terrorism demand an effort that is at once bold and pragmatic. >> several nations agreed to give up their enriched uranium to keep it from falling into the hands of terrorists. leaders agreed to hold a follow-up summit two years in south korea. police continue to investigate a deadly collision between a national guard truck and woman on a bicycle. 68-year-old constant holden was on her way home from work last night when she was hit and killed near 12th street and new york avenue northwest. holden had been a long-time journalist with the american association of the advancement of science. friends say she was an avid cyclist and accomplished painter.
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>> it's been a seshl sad day. she was very accomplished and well regarded. she is going to be horribly missed. >> and had worked for this association since 1970. >> 40 years. >> tonight the washington area bicyclist association placed a ghost bike near the crash scene to promote bike safety awareness. the truck involved in holden's death was part of a security escort for a head of state. no charges have been filed. toyota suspended sales of its new lexus suv this evening. after reports of a high rollover risk. the model in question is the lexus gx-460. the magazine "consumer reports" gave that vehicle a very rare "don't buy sfchlt "warning. it said it has an unusually high risk of rolling over. toyota says the gx-460 meets all federal safety requirements, but it will temporarily pull the vehicle from the show rooms while it conducts its own tests. the rear wheel could slide
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off the pavement or hit a curb, which could lead to a tripped rollover. >> the gx-460 is not one of the many toyota models involved in the gas pedal recall. still ahead on news4 at 11:00, her father says it's a miracle. a little girl found alive in the woods of an alligator-infested swamp five days after she disappeared. >> some of the world's most famous astronauts blasting the president's plan for nasa. >> a bungling burglar's escape is too tricky. >> how about weather? >> the rain gone. skies are clearing. tomorrow is going to start out awfully cool at the bus stops tomorrow morning. 30 to low 40s. >> capitals getting ready to start their playoff front against the montreal canadiens. we know who the starting goalie will be. >> and a baseball promotion goes to the dogs.
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first lady michelle obama began her first international trip on her own with a surprise visit to haiti today. vice president biden's wife jill joined her. the two got a look at the widespread damage across port-au-prince left by the devastating earthquake. mrs. obama described the devastation as powerful. she hopes the trip will bring renewed attention to haiti's recovery needs. the first lady is in mexico where her goodwill trip continues. president obama will go to poland this weekend for the funeral services of that country's late president. lech kaczynski and his wife were among 97 people killed saturday when their plane crashed in the dense fog in western russia. mr. obama described the loss as devastating for poland. the united states and to the world. investigators are focusing on why the pilot of that plane ignored suggestions from the
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tower to divert to another airport. services for kaczynski will be held on sunday. >> some iconic u.s. astronauts want president obama to rethink plans to cut down nasa's space program. in a letter to the president, neil armstrong and several other astronauts warn that cuts to the next generation rocket program could make the u.s. a second or third-rate nation. with shuttles retiring this year, nasa plans to pay russia to take astronauts to the space station. there is an underlying concern about jobs. if there are no shuttle or rocket missions planned. the president is expected to deliver a major speech during a space summit next week. coming up tonight, new accusations of eric masser. >> facebook launches a new safety center with tools to help parents.
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i'm the girl who got lost. that's what an 11-year-old child in florida with autism told rescuers after she was found alive today. she disappeared several days ago in an alligator-infested swamp near her house. investigators think the child wanted to make a nature video. a volunteer from her church found her and rescuers carried the kid through thick water. despite mild dehydration and bug bites, she will be just fine. new allegations of former new york congressman eric massa are making waves on capitol hill. he resigned last month amid reports he was the subject of a sexual harassment probe. complaints began just three months after he was elected to congress. young male employees complained
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to supervisors that massa's behavior was predatory and went on for a year before anything was done. one recently filed a complaint. >> he's very sorry he subjected people to groping, sexual gestures, wanters in the office. the environment got worse over time. >> house majority leader john boehner renewed calls for an investigation to determine when democratic leaders learned of the complaints. there is a new feature on facebook that's designed to help younger users and their parents stay safe on that social networking site. facebook's safety center is the site's first major effort to help deal with online threats. it has tools for parents, kids, teachers and law enforcement, including more indepth content on how to handle online bullies and predators. users can find the safety center link in facebook's help section. >> let's get veronica's weather
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forecast. has the rain left us for good? >> at least for a while. probably not until the end of the week, doreen. back to smiles and back to some pollen probably for tomorrow, too. here is a look at the nation's capital. we still have cloud cover across the area. skies are partly cloudy right now. if you look at our high temperature for today, it was 58 degrees. it was the coolest since march 30th. hard to believe last tuesday we were 40 degrees higher. going from summer here to more like late february/early march type conditions. on the radar, yes, it's moved out. showers down around south of i-64, charlottesville over to newport news right now. there are very few showers, in fact, that are left. all this rain coming through the area from about noontime today up until about sunset. small batch there really breaking up toward the evening hours. skies are clearing from north to south. high pressure moves in.
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we'll have more clearing during the overnight period. with the dry air moving in, the clear skies and the calm winds, that's going to send temperatures down. 44 in hagerstown. temperatures dropping to the mid 30s over to pennsylvania, new jersey and even atlantic city, state college and up around areas like york. mid 30s. there could be pockets of frost there. that frost advisory is up until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. rockville at 45. 46 degrees, the temperature down from 58 today. arlington, virginia. a pretty cool start for the day tomorrow before rebounding. no big weather systems around the area either. see that big spin there in the atmosphere out west? that's low pressure that will be coming east. could produce clouds around the area this weekend. right now doesn't look as though we'll have any showers. could see cloud cover around. over the next 48 hours, there were clear skies tomorrow morning. k clearing on out. starting with partly sunny
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conditions. more sunshine through the day. on thursday, could have a little bit of a weak system coming through that may produce more clouds. mostly sunny to partly sunny type day coming up for thursday. into the mid 70s we'll go. tomorrow is going to be cool. you'll need a jacket for tomorrow morning. then we rebound to the 60s. that's siebel considering our average high is at 65 degrees from 58 to 64 the range in temperatures and into the 70s with sunshine on thursday. it's going to be a nice ending to the workweek, too. mid 70s on friday. those showers for friday, those are going to be late in the day, i think, and should be out of here by early saturday. the weekend right now is looking partly sunny with highs in the mid 60s. no big storms coming our way this week. a week much different than last with no 90s around. back to you guys. >> thank you, veronica. still ahead tonight, the
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search for a high school student's graduation present stolen out of her father's car. >> and sports.
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but serious side effect. this risk may be increased when trilipix is used with a statin. if you cannot afford your medication, call 1-866-4-trilipix for more information. trilipix. there's more to cholesterol. get the picture. starting goalie? >> at least for now. last year they made a change quickly. hopefully they don't have to do this time around. jose theodore starting in goal for caps. bruce boudreau announced his starting goalie today and said he told theodore last week he would be the guy.
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how long would theodore last? boudreau said he would allow him to be successful. no quick hook. they start off against the montreal canadiens thursday night here at verizon center. if the caps are going to win a stanley cup they need more out of mike green, the league's highest scoring defenseman. struggled in the playoffs last season. he said it was because he added a little bit of weight. this year he's been better than ever. he's playing hungry. last game of the year. doesn't mean a thing. look at greenie, sacrifice his body to block the shop. not many nhl stars are going to do that. >> i can't describe it. just the way i know how i felt last year to where i am now. confidence is everything. right now it seems like we are playing well as a team. that builds confidence individually. i just can't wait for that first game. >> mike is a proud man. he didn't like what everybody
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said about him last year. i think he wants to prove that -- he was unbelievable for me in the playoffs. that's more to his enorm. i think he wants to prove how good he can be. let's hope he doesn't try to do too much. >> bruce boudreau and his defenseman mike green. miklas backstrom missed practice today for the capitals. he didn't feel well and is expected to be fine. >> nationals hoping ryan zimmerman's hamstring is feeling better. zimmerman missed the last two games with a sore hammy. zimmerman will try to go tomorrow. >> the o's coming off a game which they had the smallest crowd in their 19-year history. they announced attendance just over 9,000. that means probably 7, maybe 8. losting their fifth straight dropping to 1-7 on the year. orioles hosting tampa bay.
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brian mathis. eight strikeouts on the evening. in the top of the tenth after the o's rally, pena taking care of business as he takes the alberts pitchout of the yard. raise beat the orioles 8-6. >> pro baseball teams especially minor league organizations will try almost anything to entertain the fans during a game. baseball's long. sometimes those promotions backfire. literally. that's what happened during a minor league game in arkansas. between innings, the team allows this dog, mona to mix and roam to promote animal adoption. in the middle of one inning, mona made a special relief appearance. this patch of grass very good for me to poop on, said mona.
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i don't think anybody knew what to do besides run and hide for cover. it is safe to say that the grounds crew had a little extra work to do. nobody probably planned on seeing that happen out there. >> grounds crew was not happy. >> they weren't packing the plastic bags, right? >> thank you, dan. still to come, one burglar can't seem to find the right footing.
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the issue of a fee for ambulance service will go back before the montgomery county council. at a public hearing in rockville tonight, they said fees are up to $800 per ride would bring in $14 million in revenue. they say that money could help save jobs in the county. opponents say a fee would deter people from calling for help when they really need it. last year the council voted against ambulance fees. the search is on for a puppy stolen out of a man's car in northern virginia. police say the theft happened at a convenience store along jefferson davis highway in woodbridge on friday. the man left charley in the car for just a couple of minutes, he said, with the doors unlocked. when he came back the puppy was gone. charley is a gray and white pit bull. the man says he bought the puppy as a high school graduation present for his daughter. people are calling this impressive. i'm not sure why. others are calling it child
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abuse. this 3-year-old child from china is getting a lot of attention for walking a tightrope over siberian tigers. it was part of a reents performance at a chinese zoo. she fell three times. a safety rope kept her from falling into the tiger habitat. [ male announcer ] when you buy a car,
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this is about a burglar out in oklahoma who needs to find another line of work. guy dropped onto a pharmacy by the ceiling. alarm went off so he grabbed a ladder and climbed back up on the roof. that's when things went awry. he never could make it to the top without falling. this dude fell seven times. here he comes again. >> man down! he got away before the cops got there. >> oh, my goodness.

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